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maddin1502 » 2019-11-11 14:01:32

Is this dat broken? I want to filter my roms by region "ger -> eur -> usa". just a view roms are regognized as USA so many roms are missing. For example "Frogger (USA)" will not match region USA... why? I can't find the game in the dat file (if "Default parent if there is no P/C data" is not checked)
Innocenti » 2019-12-31 10:11:19

The same thing happens here, the parent-clone file only comes with 99 roms and the standard filter is very corrupt.
TdogOhohohoh » 2020-01-11 10:18:53

Looks like the dat file has only 101 (as of 20200106-075135) verified checksums for the roms and release information. It's missing a lot of data in the xml. Without it, it can't know if the release is correct or not. I've uploaded a fixed uncompressed xml based off of the information already in the xml as verified and creating the release information from the names. It is possible to be incorrect but worked fine with my ROMs. Here it is for you guys to use for now if you need it :)
Journey Over » 2020-01-31 12:49:06

Took TdogOhohohoh's version and fixed up a few issues with it, namely adding a couple cloneofs where needed and fixing a couple clones so that the better versions (ones that are higher rev/version) would be prefered instead of the older ones. Might have missed one or two, for non-usa/eur releases but for the most part it should be a lot better.

You can grab the .dat from here
joaoluiz » 2020-03-13 07:23:09

What does the "Default parent if there is no P/C data" do?

I am downloading Atari 2600 P/Clone XML dats, but when this option is unchecked I get an incomplete dat file, with many games missing (only 231 roms instead of 703 roms).

For example, River Raid is missing!

In fact, it seems like most of the roms with names starting with D through Z are missing. Many roms with names starting with C are also missing. But it seems like all roms with names starting with 0 through B are there.