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 New version of Mail Plane (Proto) dumped
Argument: ROM data , Reference: 2243 , Closed by: xuom2
Hornpipe2 @ 2014-01-23 09:17:47

There is a new version of Mail Plane, dumped in 2013. This later revision is playable (unlike the previous one which No-Intro currently lists). This needs to be resolved.

Here is the hash information for the new dump:
File: Mail_Plane.bin
CRC-32: da1ac0db
MD4: 6f38ef8cc7ba05cf5f14572829aa49e4
MD5: e6c821917e168b1e6e27bf2b90ad6cfb
SHA-1: 05f56e708f752ca801f8013c7da9b0db01508ba5

And here is a reference for this info:
Hornpipe2 @ 2014-04-21 12:18:01

I should add: mail_plane.bin is 8.00kb in size.