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 duplicate files in dat
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bsbt @ 2012-03-23 16:18:03

There are currently 2 games named 'Loco Roco (USA) (PSP) (PSN) [b]'. I can verify that this one is actually good, I just dumped it from the original package file:

CRC32: c24ca0d9
MD5: c1022de5f3eaebbfde409a553e995fef
SHA1: 77c68030ae0ae11692bd23cf7ec11447b1f85284

I will eventually post my PSN dumps to the forum, but in the meantime, you can remove the [b] from this one, as this will at least take care of the more pressing duplicate entry problem. By the way, they should all be named 'LocoRoco', not 'Loco Roco'. The PSP dat should be changed to 'LocoRoco' as well.