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 Val d'Isere Championship (Beta)
Argument: ROM data , Closed by: root
FitzRoy @ 2008-11-18 05:02:23

Currently, you have three entries for "Val d'Isere Championship", 1 licensed and two beta

Beta2 is not a beta, it's a legitimate release made under another publisher.

Coming from the SNSP-8V-FAH and SNSP-8V-SCN cartridge is the 01B3114A checksum rom published by Loriciel, a French publisher.

Coming from the SNSP-8Z-EUR cartridge is the DE31D87A checksum rom published by Mindscape/Red Orb Entertainment.

The roms reflect these differences in the internal company code, which can be seen via an NSRT scan.
hydr0x @ 2008-11-18 06:27:16

I think I mentioned the Val d'Isere problem in the past (and I'm the reason they are both legitimate releases in NSRT iirc) but the problem is that while I'm pretty sure this is true because I have seen the carts of both versions, we do not have a verification because of two dumps yet. I always wanted to buy both versions but ended up not :shock: I don't even have one yet.

But, I still agree, this is much more likely correct than one being a beta and it should be renamed accordingly.
FitzRoy @ 2008-11-19 03:19:04

Yeah, I'm not 100% sure on Val, but it seems more likely.
hydr0x @ 2008-11-30 23:51:51

I've bought both releases of Val d'Isere so we'll know for sure within the next weeks.