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Argument: Naming , Closed by: root
anonymous @ 2009-11-11 09:53:50

Brawl Brothers - Rival Turf! 2 (Europe) is incorrectly named.

---------------------Internal ROM Info----------------------
File: Brawl Brothers - Rival Turf! 2 (Europe).sfc
Name: BRAWL BROTHERS Company: Jaleco
Header: None Bank: LoROM
Interleaved: None SRAM: 0 Kb
Type: Normal ROM: 12 Mb
Country: Euro/Asia/Oceania Video: PAL
ROM Speed: 120ns (FastROM) Revision: 1.0
Checksum: Good 0x07D3 Game Code:
CRC32: 410CEE18
MD5: 2136EFF1AAE62A8A6672F24F3A0EB0EA
Name: Brawl Brothers
Country: Europe Revision: 1.0
Port 1: Gamepad Port 2: Gamepad
Genre 1: Fighting Genre 2: Brawler

From the looks of it, this is Brawl Brothers (Europe).

kazumi213 @ 2009-11-11 16:46:09

Naming is ok according to boxart: