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 Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill
Argument: Naming , Reference: 3703 , Closed by: omonim2007
SixWingedFreak @ 2019-01-12 07:37:00

Shouldn't "Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill" should be marked as a (USA) (Proto), since the dev team was situated in the USA and it was an unreleased game. Obviously the prototype was found in the US?
Hiccup @ 2019-01-12 08:11:39

So this is the original prototype? Not the modified version released on reproduction carts?
C. V. Reynolds @ 2019-01-13 06:38:12

It's the reproduction version and not the original proto. I put a sticky note on its page saying so. Thank you.
SixWingedFreak @ 2019-01-13 10:09:02

Sorry guys, I did a little more research immediately after I submitted my message and realized the kickstarter did end up shipping carts. Sorry. You can close this one.