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 Incorrect title (global rule)
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omonim2007 @ 2018-11-06 04:13:41

We need to seriously think about the correct title for games such Separation Anxiety, Maximum Carnage, Arcade's Revenge and others like they.

Game titles in theory should not include the names of well-known characters like Spider-man, Venom, etc. Character names are present here as a kind of advertising element, as trademarks that help the game sell better. But they are not part of the name.

The internal names of games (for all versions, for different systems) also speak in favor of this. It seems to me that it makes sense to rename them all, so that the titles does not contain the heroes/mascot names.
Hiccup @ 2018-11-06 14:05:51

I agree with you, so I've renamed it...
C. V. Reynolds @ 2018-11-06 14:20:42

I don't think we should get so hasty with "Separation Anxiety" because the game's cartridge has the names on it. And the games aren't even identifiable as Marvel games without those names. In any case, I think it needs to be talked over and evidence needs to be supplied before the names are changed. Internal names aren't really good evidence either. They're wrong a lot.
C. V. Reynolds @ 2018-11-06 14:24:41

Counter-arguments on myself:

1: Virtual Bart doesn't have "The Simpsons" in title, but people were still expected to recognize the series it belonged to (actually a bit irrelevant because Marvel still wrote Venom (dot) Spider-Man on its box, but ehh, I'll mention it...).

2: Separation Anxiety doesn't say "Venom (dot) Spider-Man" on its title screen.