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 This ROM has [h1] in GoodSNES
Argument: Generic , Reference: 3221 , Closed by: C. V. Reynolds
omonim2007 @ 2018-01-28 20:11:54

This file marked as [h1] in GoodSNES.

The most trustable one has CRC32 75457B6B

Are there any mistakes here?
C. V. Reynolds @ 2018-02-16 05:23:06

What is the source for the most trustable one? Maybe we can get someone to examine it and tell us something about it in comparison to the other one. :3
C. V. Reynolds @ 2018-02-17 07:59:18

Looking at the files makes it pretty obvious that the one No-Intro was using before isn't right. The new one is identified as "no good dump known", so we need to assume it's badly dumped as well. But at least it should be more correct than the previous one. So now we use 75457B6B as you suggested.

Thank you. :3