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 PlayStation Super Disc
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hkA @ 2016-04-09 03:06:26

Super Disc System Cartridge (Japan) (En) (v0.95) (Proto)

PlayStation Super Disc (Japan) (v0.95) (Demo) (1992-10-06)
Super Disc (Japan) (v0.95) (Demo) (1992-10-06)

>92 10.6. デモ用
Demo is more accurate.
BigFred @ 2016-04-10 02:12:46

Thanks you. Yes, it should be Super Disc only. I don't find the term PlayStation on the cart or the title screen so it will stay just like that.

You are right that it's technically a Demo. However we have a convention to call everything that is not released "Proto" regardless the state of development. In contrary Beta is used for non-final builds of released games though technically both can be Betas of course.