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Argument: Naming , Closed by: root
anonymous @ 2015-01-31 10:07:14

Nintendo - Game Boy 2015-01-31 EDITED 1202 Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula (Japan)
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System 2015-01-31 EDITED 2325 Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula (Japan)

A way of read of "新世紀GPX" is "フューチャーグランプリ" "Future GPX", not "Shinseiki GPX".
C. V. Reynolds @ 2015-04-15 22:33:47

Sorry for my lateness. I didn't realize this message was here. I suppose I'll reply to let my stance on this issue be known nevertheless.

The kanji says "Shinseiki". We don't do translations on No-Intro. Thus I won't be changing this to say "Future", as I strongly believe that to be incorrect. If anyone can point to me where it says "Future" in either hiragana or katakana on the box, then I'll be happy to change it, however.

Thanks for your time.