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 Numering in P/C txt; e.g. SNES data
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Rock Solid @ 2013-09-10 03:17:26

Hello sirs and madams,

kindly asking for clarification on the numbering convention used in P/C txt (I just looked at SNES P/C .txt)

a) is the numbering solid? once a dump is dumped and catalogued, will the assigned Number stay forever?

b) are there exceptions to watch out for regarding a)?

c) is this applicable to any System for which you provide P/C .txt file ?

thank you!
Rifu @ 2013-09-23 06:55:08

a) Once a rom has a number, it usually keeps that number forever.
(Except for numbered sets like Nintendo DS etc)

b) There are times when a number can change, usually in a numbered set
like Nintendo DS, the numbering will change when for example a release was
missed or if a non-scene dump (the z### roms) gets a scene dump.

c) Yes, If the set doesn't have a numbered option then the numbering
will usually stay fixed, its only numbered sets like Nintendo DS
that may have numbers changed occasionally to match scene release lists.
Since SNES doesn't have the option to download a 'numbered' DAT
like Nintendo DS DATs do, the numbering for SNES should stay fixed.