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 Yossy -> Yoshi
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masamunecyrus @ 2010-05-11 00:35:17

In at least the SNES and Game Boy dats, there are the following games:

Game Boy
Yossy no Tamago (Japan)
Yossy no Panepon (Japan)
Yossy no Cookie (Japan)

Super Mario - Yossy Island (Japan)
Super Mario - Yossy Island (Japan) (Rev 1)
Super Mario - Yossy Island (Japan) (Rev 2)

Yossy is an incorrect romanization of ヨッシー (yosshī), i.e., Yoshi. Although sometimes incorrectly romanized as "Yossy" by Nintendo long ago, the internationally accepted norm would be to romanize such a word as "yosshī". There is an exception for cases where there is already a widely-known romanization of it. In this case, there is a widely known romanization -- "Yoshi".

So I propose changing the names to a more familiar:

Game Boy
Yoshi no Tamago (Japan)
Yoshi no Panepon (Japan)
Yoshi no Cookie (Japan)

Super Mario - Yoshi Island (Japan)
Super Mario - Yoshi Island (Japan) (Rev 1)
Super Mario - Yoshi Island (Japan) (Rev 2)
ReyVGM @ 2010-07-01 07:01:14

They are just calling the games as the original Japanese box called them. (yes, it literally says "Yossy Island"

It's like changing the SNES Final Fantasy 2 (USA) name to Final Fantasy 4 due to it being the accepted and official name now.
kazumi213 @ 2010-07-01 21:36:53

As ReyVGM says, "Yossy" has been kept for those games because it was explicitly used on boxart. "Yoshi" has been explicitly used afterwards, that being the reason later DAT titles use it instead.

Strict romanization is "Yosshii". The problem is that it is a proper noun (character name), so true "intended" romanization by creators has to be indicated by them. Initially they decided to romanize as "Yossy", later as "Yoshi". We're just respecting this decision.