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 umaban club title
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Vorsch @ 2010-10-07 12:45:40

I'm not too sure about that one. The box title is indeed 3-pun Yosou Umaban Club, put I think that it should be simplified to Umaban Club.

"3-pun yosou" means 3 minutes prediction, and is simply a description of what the game is (it is a software used to predict the results of a racing race, based on the data entered by the user). I think that it should be removed from the title, for the same reasons that I think that 3-Minutes Word Game - Boggle should be simplified to Boggle.

I finished checking all the data for the letters A B C, except three games. There are three japanese box that I couldn't locate: Caesars Palace, Tama & Friends, and Altered Space. I think that the first two titles are correct, but that the japanese title of Altered Space is probably wrong. I will check the data for the other games at a later time.
kazumi213 @ 2010-11-27 06:53:15

Contrary to "Boggle Plus", the "3-minute" duration of prediction (word game for Boggle) is not implied by "Umaban Club" title.