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hkA @ 2010-03-26 07:54:12

Burai Senshi Deluxe (Japan)

Burai Fighter Deluxe (Japan)

It is written in the back of Boxart as ブライファイター[Burai Fighter].
Moreover, it is written that the bundled questionnaire postcard is a ブライ・ファイターデラックス.
I think like the substitute character of the Kanji that 無頼戦士 is the same as a double dragon[双截龍].
I think that the title given priority to should be ブライファイター[Burai Fighter].

Moreover, the title of the GBC version is ブライファイター[Burai Fighter] in similar. (ブライファイターカラー / Burai Fighter Color)
From an official site.
kazumi213 @ 2010-03-27 09:12:06

Japanese title is prefered for Japanese games. However NES game boxart displays "Burai Fighter" in katakana below kanji. This indicates the intended reading of kanji and we thus follow the intended reading.

GB and GBC game boxarts just display the kanji on boxart, so we use "Burai Senshi".

Boxart front always has top priority.

NDS game "Mugen Kouro" is not "Infinite Space"

NES "Double Dragon" requires renaming to "Sou Setsu Ryuu"
hkA @ 2010-03-28 02:28:50

The title to follow it might be correct in a present rule.

But, Burai Senshi and Sou Setsu Ryuu (Moreover, in some titles) are obviously mistakes.
(The TitleName (and Pronunciation based on it) is not in official information and the game magazine in Japan. )
I understand the priority of it because there is a rule.
However, a wrong title's being registered as a result still feels odd.
The title of Japan has a lot of BOXART that writes the substitute character, the pun, and the Kanji as a design.
Is there a possibility of revising these rules(and titles) in the future?
kazumi213 @ 2010-03-28 06:43:24

Our rule is simple and objective: we simply use for DAT naming what can be read on boxart. Nothing more, nothing less.

Unless boxart explicitly indicates the expected Japanese reading (this applies for other languages too), we apply the default one, according to displayed Japanese text, no matter how "popular" is the alternate, non-japanese reading.

This is not a No-Intro rule flaw. Blame the publishers and their usual lack of consistency policy for boxart design. I.e they added "Burai Fighter" and "Double Dragon" reading for some games on some systems, but not for others.