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 Is this really a beta
Argument: Generic , Reference: 1649 , Closed by: relax
chillerecke @ 2019-07-11 09:59:02

Accoring to this is merely "an altered final build" instead of a beta which could mean anything, possibly even a hacked dump, so it should either be an "Alt" or not in No-Intro.
relax @ 2019-07-22 06:48:00

It's not dumped from a retail cart, but from a magazine review cart, according to the source. Prince of Persia (Alt) would not be the proper naming, as it would indicate that came was from a retail cart.

This dump has visible differences from the retail ROM, a different credits screen. No-Intro use the Beta-flag for a wide range of ROMs, from alpha status to close to retail.

The source is trusted, and has contributed a lot of expensive proto dumps. There's no proof that the ROMs is hacked, but in case it was, it should be removed from the dat.