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 SeaQuest DSV (Proto)
Argument: ROM data , Closed by: Hiccup
Rey @ 2019-06-09 10:07:19
relax @ 2020-08-26 14:42:34

Only the fixed version is available?
Hiccup @ 2020-10-07 06:41:57

I'm attempting to contact the dumper to get the unmodified dump.
Hiccup @ 2020-10-07 06:59:48

Here are the details on the unmodified ROM (assuming that everything after the 256kb mark is not actual ROM data - which it doesn't seem to be, but any potential size info written on the ROM seems to be covered by the label):
Size: 262144
CRC32: 229AEE8E
MD5: 5683738A97C8DE47B1C485BDDF97B46B
SHA1: 0DBE828E797458A99A37E93BBD34D2547D99523C
SHA256: C84A5E260B48E0879AB927386D5F96DC3C69C8EE7226561F87B2AB67A36BF142

Hiccup @ 2020-10-07 07:03:17