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 Revised dump is a clone!?
Argument: P/Clone , Reference: 2352 , Closed by: root
L1NU5 @ 2012-03-22 11:16:06

According to the most recent P/Clone .rdt database (20120211), DX Bakenou Z (Japan).gb is the main, and DX Bakenou Z (Japan) (Rev A).gb is the clone. This makes no sense!

But when I search for the game here in the website, it says that the (Rev A) version is the main. I guess the .rdt file is wrong?
Rifu @ 2014-03-09 05:42:27

Both the REV-A and the non REV-A version had '(JPN PARENT)' flag set.
Removed the flag from the non 'REV A' dump, should be ok now.