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(Japan) ROMs with 100% English ingame
Category: Naming
ZdC » 2022-09-13 23:53:25


I've tested a big bunch of dumps, and following list contains dumps of (Japan) region not having a single Japanese character in game — all the text in menus, hud, gameover screens, options, as well as cutscenes, help screens or biographies if present in those games are in English.

I believe it means these dumps titles should have (En) added.

Here's the list:

Magic Darts (Japan)
Magmax (Japan)
Mappy (Japan)
Mappy-Land (Japan)
Metro-Cross (Japan)
Metro-Cross (Japan) (Namcot Collection)
Mighty Bomb Jack (Japan)
Mighty Bomb Jack (Japan) (Rev 1)
Mighty Bomb Jack (Japan) (Rev 1) (Virtual Console)
Millionaire (Asia) (Ja) (PAL) (Unl)
Miracle Ropit's - 2100 Nen no Daibouken (Japan)
Nuts & Milk (Japan)
Over Horizon (Japan)
Pac-Land (Japan)
Pachicom (Japan)
Palamedes (Japan)
Palamedes II - Star Twinkle, Hoshi no Mabataki (Japan)
Pooyan (Japan)
Popeye (Japan)
Rollerball (Japan)
Shanghai (Japan)
Shanghai (Japan) (Sample)
Shanghai II (Japan)
Son Son (Japan)
Space Harrier (Japan)
Space Invaders (Japan)
Spot (Japan)
Square Deal (Japan) (Sample)
Stick Hunter - Exciting Ice Hockey (Japan)
Super Arabian (Japan)
Super Black Onyx (Japan)
Super Dyna'mix Badminton (Japan)
Tag Team Pro-Wrestling (Japan)
Tag Team Pro-Wrestling Special (Japan) (Not for Resale)
Tecmo World Cup Soccer (Japan)
Terra Cresta (Japan)
Tetrastar - The Fighter (Japan)
Thexder (Japan)
Titan (Japan)
TwinBee (Japan)
TwinBee (Japan) (FamicomBox)
USA Ice Hockey in FC (Japan)
Viva! Las Vegas (Japan)
Volleyball (Japan) (FamicomBox)
Zippy Race (Japan)

In addition following release have (Ja) in name, while all the text in game is in English, so (Ja) should be replaced with (En):
Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu (Asia) (Ja) (PAL) (Unl)

Thanks in advance!

P.S. If needed I can provide screenshots proving that all the text in listed games is in English, I will check this ticked time to time to see if there are any replies or question, or you can contact me with email
Hiccup » 2022-10-07 09:05:52

Hi. If you could upload a 7z/zip with those screenshots, that would be great.
ZdC » 2022-10-15 06:36:55

It will take some time, so I'll make it in bunches. Here's screenshots showing text for games starting with M,N,O:

Tell me if it works well and for other games you'd like the same kind of screenshots.
Hiccup » 2022-10-16 02:39:11

That works. I'll upload directly here as a backup. BTW, for longer-form threads like this, its best to use the actual forums if possible.