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 Rom hack in No-intro database.
Argument: Generic , Reference: 0654 , Closed by: omonim2007
NesuGiu @ 2017-06-09 19:05:59

This rom is not licensed, it's a hack by Ian Bell & David Braben
relax @ 2017-06-10 04:08:51

The game was licensed by Nintendo and published in Europe. We usually don't classify prototypes as unlicenced when the game was licenced and published in another region. But since Ian Bell states that the ROM he put online (from 1997), is modified from the real NTSC prototype, maybe it should be tagged as "bad".

"PAL NES Elite was published in Europe in 1991 by Imagineer to rave reviews but no publisher was found for the US (NTSC) version. The ROM image available from this page is a modification of the unpublished NTSC version."

NesuGiu @ 2017-06-10 05:45:04

It only works I Pal mode. The message "licensed by Nintendo of Europe", was removed in the demo rom. Maybe should really be tagged as bad, and the tag (NTSC demo) be changed to (proto)
relax @ 2017-06-11 14:09:49

Changed name and ROM-status to Elite (USA) (Proto) [b].