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  Dragon Ball 3 - Gokuu Den (Japan) (Rev 1)
Argument: ROM data , Reference: 2689 , Closed by: relax
Oxyandy @ 2015-02-10 13:07:58

Where does this come from ?
In GoodNES 3.23b it matches Dragon Ball 3 - Gokuu Den (J) [a1].nes
(Not checked older GoodNES versions to see when it first appeared)
In my extensive logs, I also find plenty of 'source name' matches:
"七龙珠3-悟空传 (日文).nes"
"Dragon Ball 3 - Gokuu Den (J).nes"
(and was included in an old PSX ROMBANK.BIN emu iso)
SO, not rare, in fact it's been around for some time :)
Interesting addition..