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 What is encrypted RAW format?
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amaravati @ 2008-06-08 00:24:19

I came across severals *.raw e-Reader cards, but I noticed that the CRCs do not match the ones being listed on the website. For example, the promotional card, "Eon Ticket" that I have has crc: C38E81AC versus crc: 859DE165 that is being shown on the website. I am wondering that the reason I have a different CRC is because I have an unencrypted version of the card? If that is not the reason, is there a way I can get my cards to have the correct CRC as shown on the website?
xuom2 @ 2008-06-12 06:41:19

I don't know what is the file with CRC: C38E81AC. It may be a very OLD dump: we listed a lot of redumps in the past.

Eon Ticket's Encrypted is 859DE165 , decrypted is 1C21A15D

I think you have to download the file from another source.

About site: like DAT, it lists only encrypted (.RAW) format.
amaravati @ 2008-06-13 04:54:42

It was dumped by trashman back in October 11, 2005. The original file name was I have a .bin that is has CRC 1C21A15D. Is it possible to encrypted the card back to .raw? If so how? I wish the e-reader cards were more popular, since next to impossible to find.
xuom2 @ 2008-06-13 06:31:46

check out if it has a bin2raw tool.
amaravati @ 2008-06-14 19:11:40

Thanks for trying to help me out, but I checked over there before. The special VBA v1.7.2 can scan *.bin and encode in *.raw. However I'm still getting a different CRC. While looking for the proper CRC file I came across this information, but I not sure if this information is correct.

"The RAWs are the encrypted datastrips. Each RAW dump gives different CRCs, because the scan depends on reading errors. The BINs are the decoded strips, and they are unique, because e-Reader fixes the reading errors."