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 VPK Decompression?
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Fine1 @ 2011-08-02 17:56:35

Most E-Reader .bin files are compressed to save the number of cards required to scan. In most cases (all but SMA4), this compression scheme is VPK. Open a *.bin e-card file with a hex editor and the vpk0 string near the header identifies the card as such.

There seem to be tools on the Internet by Caitsith2 / Firefly to decrypt VPK files. However, I can't figure out how to use them.

I try this command on an Animal Crossing card:
nevpk.exe -i D:\ereader\nevpk11_lite\tomnook.bin -o D:\ereader\nevpk11_lite\tomnook.vpk -d

and get
error: could not decompress data

I've tried many similar commands, with the same result. When I try to decompress Excitebike or Rockman cards, I get
Error: Invalid vpk data. Does anyone know anything about these tools?
xuom2 @ 2011-08-02 18:45:41

directly from e-Reader support (R):

[19:36:53] <+speechles> why is that dude trying to redo what i dun already did
[19:36:55] <+speechles> long the hell ago
[19:37:10] <+speechles> he has no idea to extract vpk's
[19:37:15] <+speechles> you HAVE to hand align the data
[19:37:17] <+speechles> and remove headers
[19:37:22] <+speechles> and build a single vpk headered bin
[19:37:25] <+speechles> all by hand first
[19:37:29] <+speechles> then, run that proggy over it
[19:37:51] <+speechles> what he does is, make sure all bins are in the right order
[19:37:53] <+speechles> they must be
[19:38:08] <+speechles> then you cut off the top header
[19:38:12] <+speechles> so it starts with vpk0
[19:38:26] <+speechles> then leave the rest til that bin ends
[19:38:31] <+speechles> now take 2nd bin, add to that
[19:38:34] <+speechles> 3rd etc
[19:38:37] <+speechles> until u get to the last one
[19:38:41] <+speechles> the last one u have to hand edit
[19:38:49] <+speechles> find the ending sequence of 00 00 00
[19:38:56] <+speechles> cut off all those 00's
[19:39:01] <+speechles> except leave just one 00 at the end
[19:39:04] <+speechles> to signify the end in ram
[19:39:15] <+speechles> now with your newly created vpk
[19:39:21] <+speechles> you extracted from the bin, you can extract this
[19:39:56] <+speechles> once extracted it can be given a save header
[19:39:59] <+speechles> and turned into a memory save
[19:40:24] <+speechles> it requires both firefly's ereader tools
[19:40:29] <+speechles> and caitsith2's tools
[19:40:38] <+speechles> firefly's builds the sav's
[19:40:45] <+speechles> caitsith2's to extract the vpk's
Fine1 @ 2011-08-02 21:26:14

Thank you; that should help.