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 Missing Bandai Arcadia Titles
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Hornpipe2 @ 2014-03-29 09:24:33

According to Wikipedia ( and other sources, Bandai released a version of the Emerson Arcadia 2001 in Japan. They also produced four (official) Japan-only games for the system, but those are not in the no-intro db.

Here are checksums and names for the four missing ROMs.

File: Dr. Slump (Japan).bin
CRC-32: 927c375a
MD4: 713f99276d1d2847fb3da64fd4435674
MD5: 2a636fc1b2c414f87c078c06f279d618
SHA-1: 389259f1505deef5c0fb83f9cf8b0f7fa4ed5d04

File: Mobile Soldier Gundam (Japan).bin
CRC-32: 1241f128
MD4: 735cfca0f324bffe6d12dc6312607df6
MD5: eca02a18e0ff4222283ab16947fe6911
SHA-1: 4b07a88b06008ddfc3676983e826e107caf3ba0f

File: Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Japan).bin
CRC-32: 4c885af2
MD4: 1082072c96fec1d6286ae80586aa6beb
MD5: 60ee33a137802d27b5b0567ff4de52ae
SHA-1: 3d24ab9e42ff44a223bb53c5491dea7f41691df2

File: Doraemon (Japan).bin
CRC-32: 62c45881
MD4: abb3f2c15003bd4cf308c47d58ffd030
MD5: 2938509d9c2a2316b460b2a617581771
SHA-1: a16fda96d00c8b08bb362f2573a45939aa6be051

Hornpipe2 @ 2014-05-15 11:07:11

BTW: ALL 4 of these games are 8KB in size!