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 Samurai Spirits! 2
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hkA @ 2017-08-11 11:22:27

Samurai Shodown! 2 - Pocket Fighting Series (World) (En,Ja)

Samurai Spirits! 2 - Pocket Kakutou Series ~ Samurai Shodown! 2 - Pocket Fighting Series (World) (En,Ja)
サムライスピリッツ!2 ポケット格闘シリーズ/さむらいすぴりっつ 2 ぽけっとかくとうしりーず

filipe_figueredo @ 2017-08-20 20:29:36

According to The Official No-Intro Convention :
"Only one title is used even if the game contains multiple titles or is released with different titles in multiple regions. In that case the priority is in this order: US English title, Europe English title, Japanese title and rest. "

The European Box art: