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 three correct NGPC ROMS
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xxxddd @ 2006-04-10 06:48:00

hello,i am from wrg (PIPOSARU),i found some problems in NGPC DAT

King of Fighters R-2 (JUE) (M2)
Picture Puzzle (UE)
Crush Roller (JUE) (M2) (MAYBE it have problem)
these are not clean rom,because these rom contain save files,NGPC game and save files are in one chip,i think you konw.

I found the correct roms in GOOD DAT,here are the correct roms:

King of Fighters R-2 (JUE) [a1][!]
Picture Puzzle (UE) [!]
Crush Roller (JUE) [a1]

also give you the NO-INTRO DAT roms
Yakushi~Kabuto @ 2006-04-10 07:24:00

a quick comparison in hexed shows only the end of the files differs
cowering : last bytes change to 0xff from offset 0xfc000
no-intro : last bytes are constantly 0x4335, no change

I run both on neopop emulator and noticed no difference in game save. neopop emulator saves sram on separate files...
Yakushi~Kabuto @ 2006-04-10 11:33:00

I just checked "King of Fighters R-2" roms and they are much different... and indeed the nointro version seems to be unclean (unclean sram) didn't check "Picture Puzzle"

Now we have to wait for NGE to fix this, thanks for the report

BTW, how do you know which one of "Crush Roller" versions is clean?
xxxddd @ 2006-04-11 07:02:00

sorry,my english is pool,i come from china

it is difficult to know which is the clean rom between two CRUSH ROLLER,i never see "C5C5C5C5..." before,i don't know C5 means what,it seems like "FFFF..."??

but,how can we explain "C5C5C5C5..." and "FFFF..." both are in the end of the rom??

so,we are just able to await NGE,maybe he know all