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New Prototype: Swamp Thing (unreleased)
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awaken » 2010-11-22 11:00:58

Sega Age has released its first Mega Drive prototype: a canceled 1991 game called Swamp Thing.
Anonymous » 2010-12-17 06:44:55

Overdumped according to
gdgdgdfgdfgdgdgdgfdfgdg » 2011-08-31 04:30:59

Appears this has been re-dumped now according to yesterdays update I downloaded for my extras set.

The old dump had it says Proto, the second old dump says Prototype and my newer download had it as (Prototype)all 3 downloads I have has the size of 4,194,304 bytes.

In the zips, Proto and (Prototype) are 1.64mb whilst Prototype is 1.63. Could be the compression of the zips doing that though.

Game was rather shite anyway but I guess if No-Intro were to add one it would have to use their [b] code or whatever other formalities the team have for slightly over-dumped originals not included so far.

On the upside I think Stone Protectors has been re-dumped as I've got this file called Stone Protectors [New Dump] at 2,097,152 bytes.