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Phantasy Star IV
Category: Naming
Closed (rejected) by: root.
Boostbaron » 2010-03-10 12:39:42

Would it make sense to add the game's subtitle "The end of the millennium" to the USA/EU ROM title, even though it's missing from the box? The Japanese Box has the subtitle, but omits the 'IV'. USA box is opposite. Both Titlescreens omit the 'IV'

I know there's some wiggle room here, and IMHO I think it would help reduce the ambiguity.

gigadeath » 2010-03-16 11:12:44

I would keep things as they are. The current naming is Convention-perfect.

On one hand, IV is actually "IV" just in the West, the developers called it Phantasy Star to make it a "new first", after the atrocity that was III (which was a decent RPG but abysmal as a Phantasy Star).

On the other hand, adding a lenghty subtitle when the cover doesn't have it is not a solution :-)