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Clone/parent order
Reference: 2927
Psychofox11 » 2023-06-25 16:08:44

May need further research, but I think the clone/parent relationship may be backwards here. These carts are sold directly by Remute through bandcamp, and sometimes distributed through Castlemania, Stone Age Gamer, etc. They just get carts from Remute and sell them.

Strictly Limited is a publisher, and did a special edition of it later. They sometimes make changes like adding their name to a screen etc.

I doubt Castlemania's version differs from the bandcamp (direct from Remute) or Stone Age Gamer versions. Sometimes Stone Age Gamer offers a unique box (an insert in one of the universal empty cases they sell), but I've never seen an altered game from them or Castlemania, they're just stores not publishers. I guess we need another dump to confirm that, But ultimately the bandcamp version should be the parent and this -probably- matches that.

If there's not enough evidence to change anything yet, this should be something to look out for. I to expect the (Castlemania Games) part of the title will likely go away once with get another dump with a source.
Psychofox11 » 2023-07-09 16:00:02

After a little more research, the only difference is the checksum. So either the Strictly Limited version here is a modified dump with the checksum updated to be valid, which it isn't on this dump, or Strictly Limited updated the checksum for their print. We'd need confirmation from the other dumper that it was modified or not, or another dump of the Strictly Limited version.