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No region assigned within the DAT
Reference: 1673
Closed (rejected) by: omonim2007.
MameRocks » 2020-06-06 00:58:31

I've already discussed this before and don't know if any DAT-related conventions have changed (tell me if that's the case):

"mamerocks @ 2018-06-22 09:46:05
The USA and EUR isn't asigned as regions to it. Besides, there are not any other roms without (Virtual Console) flag with those regions".

"Monster World IV (USA) (Genesis Mini)" have the same issue.

omonim2007 » 2020-07-09 22:23:52

Both ROMs are just a virtual releases, so there is no need to determine them as a standard physical cart. Every Virtual Console dump in DOM hasn't XXX_PARENT code. So that's OK.