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Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Sega Genesis - Mega Drive)
Closed (rejected) by: omonim2007.
ReBirFh » 2020-02-08 08:49:52

Hello guys! Im working on a sub DAT for games released in Brazil (Brasil) by Tec Toy. As some know, we use PAL-M color system but besides the PAL in the name it's closer to NTCS as we run at 60Hz and not 50Hz. This means all games realeased here are exclusive 60Hz realeses compatible with the Genesis or just the same games (ROM) realeased in North America.

So while I was creating the DAT, I noticed Captain Planet has only two releases, The European and an Asian realease.

My question is:

1: Is the Brazilian release the same as the Asian one or it is an exclusive and still undumped?
2. (just out o curiosity)If it is the same as the Asian one, does the release date matter for name convention? I mean, if it was released first in Brazil will it be named "Captain Planet ... (Brasil)?
ReBirFh » 2020-02-08 10:29:10

I just tried to load the (Europe) release and it seems to run at 60Hz too, so no region lock. In case it is the same rom of the brazilian release, shoudn't it be named as (Europe, Brazil)?
omonim2007 » 2020-02-08 21:36:41

You have a lot of questions ))

The best way to answer all of them is to find all Brazilian carts and redumped them. There is no trusted persons from Brazil right now here at No-Intro, so you can become the one.

Now I'm working on SG-1000 dat, and I begin to mention all the regions instead of combine them as Nintendo do (Europe, Australia, New Zealand). They think all of them are just Europe. Very interestingly ))

So there is a sense to add (Brazil) tag to existing (USA) tag, but you need first redump that game and confirm they're matched.
ReBirFh » 2020-02-09 16:18:10

Unfortunately I've sold my entire collection of Mega Drive Tec Toy releases (about 60) a few years ago but after some time off, I've started again to collect data from those releases (barcodes, box text, classification, release date etc) and also started to do the same for official Nintendo releases (published here by Playtronic and Gradiente).

To try and buy again is impossible because old games have their prices over inflated and I don't have the free income and space to spend with old games again, at best I could be a "bridge" for someone that wants to buy the games from here.

Anyway, about regions classification, I've seem that beta release (e.g. Sonic & Knucles (beta) (world)) retain the main release regions even if it is unlikely that the same beta was released everywhere.

I think for accuracy sake and even if there is no local dump, it still should be classified as (USA, Brazil) or just america if there is proof of a local release.

We worked years as a group to reach to a point where we concluded we have a complete release list for Master System, Mega Drive (Genesis), 32X, Game Gear and Dreamcast and I can provide multiple photographic proof of those releases if it is needed. We even received a few weeks ago a document from a source at Tec Toy with every product they ever released or planned to.

Is there any easy and cheap way to dump? If there is I can try to talk to some people and start a specific project to jump start dumps/redumps from Brazilian releases.
omonim2007 » 2020-02-27 01:57:13

As I mentioned above, first we need to have a dumps, then we can discuss what to do next.

Please collect and dump as much Brazilian carts as you can, and I'll take care of the other things (region determination, parent/clone determination and do on).