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Missing roms of Sega Genesis Mini in database.
harpiufof » 2020-01-01 19:25:51

Hello! I just downloaded the following database:

Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (Parent-Clone) (20191227-204633).dat

Reviewing I realized that there are roms of the Sega Genesis Mini that are not documented. The roms are as follows:

Super Fantasy Zone (USA version)
- size: 1048576
- crc: d97d913d
- md5: 9ab60ccbb50445109f1acba46be14f50
- sha1: 71d3816e1fd6d49afb64631605dba40cc7f3b5b5

Monster World IV (USA version)
- size: 2097152
- crc: d26a32b6
- md5: cf4f52d57063cd381977bc02d757737f
- sha1: 7896311b5ccb3cef49d73a0a91f5b4566d6cc92d

In the case of Monster World IV, I know that there is an USA / Europe version of the Virtual Console, although I don't know if they have any difference between them in addition to the mentioned data.

I also do not know if any other rom is missing, for the moment just check these 2 knowing that they had not been originally launched in the United States market.

I hope this helps and in case I made a mistake I apologize beforehand.

(I am not very good with the English language, so I also apologize if the message is not well understood)