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Fake dump
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dead_screem » 2019-07-29 20:22:17

Sega CD 68K (Unknown) is not from an actual ROM chip. This is one version of the CD Sub BIOS that gets uploaded to the sub 68k. A version of this is compressed inside the actual BIOS ROM. This was extracted (by Snake IIRC) from one of the early Japan BIOS ROMs and made available at Eidolon's Inn for emu dev purposes.This should be deleted.
Balthier » 2019-08-01 11:10:30

I'm going to butt in here because I agree with this. Here's some more info taken from a snapshot of the site in 2004:

decompressed Sega CD 68k BIOS (size: 1 mbit)
This is the BIOS data which is decompressed by the Genesis 68k into the Sega CD 68k RAM (based on Sega CD BIOS 1.10. Not suitable for emulator usage, just suitable for programming purposes.

The scd_100.bin checksum matches the "bios" on this database.

and another post from made by TascoDLX also states:

"The "decompressed" file at Eidolon's is a bit misleading. It is actually a memory snapshot after all parts of the bios have been loaded to subcpu prg-ram. It is a combination of 3 decompressed files:
- subcpu bios (starting at 000000)
- boot SP a.k.a. 'MAINBOOTUSR' (starting at 006000)
- pcm module used by boot SP (starting at 018000)"

FWIW I honestly think that this rom dump belongs more to the "GOODGEN" brand of dumps than No-Intro.
omonim2007 » 2019-11-26 21:11:27

Pulled out from dat! ))