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6 Games in the ROM File
Category: ROM data
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Closed (rejected) by: omonim2007.
bomberman » 2019-07-10 19:56:26

In the ROM Super Mario Bros. (Taiwan) (En) (Unl), There is Blockout, Flicky, Fatal Labyrinth, Super Ping-Pong and Columns (And Mario of course) in the data. They all work if ripped, except for Columns which shows a red screen.

omonim2007 » 2019-07-11 21:41:56

Please can you share the ripped data?
bomberman » 2019-07-13 03:51:28

I send an email.
omonim2007 » 2019-11-26 21:04:24

I checked this out.

The problem is that additional games cannot be removed painlessly - in this case, the modified ROM does not start properly. It turns out that the multigame-ROM was intentionally modified in such a way by pirates so only one game was launched. I leave everything as it is.
omonim2007 » 2019-11-26 21:08:24

I add a comment.

Now it's close.