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Daimakaimura ~ Ghouls'n Ghosts
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Closed (accepted) by: omonim2007.
hkA » 2018-05-07 06:17:47

Ghouls'n Ghosts (World)
Ghouls'n Ghosts (World) (Rev A)

Daimakaimura ~ Ghouls'n Ghosts (World)
Daimakaimura ~ Ghouls'n Ghosts (World) (Rev A)

Question, have both of these been confirmed by Japanese cartridge dump?
Since only PCB images are registered in DAT-o-MATIC, Media front image can not be confirmed.
At least in Japan two versions of Daimakaimura are confirmed.
May be, One of them is registered as Daimakaimura (Japan).
In that case, The other version is either (World) or both.

Retrofreak has registered some Japanese cartridges as Ghouls'n Ghosts.

Because retrofreak database refers to previous goodtools and DAT-o-MATIC.
But I can not be sure if these sources alone release both(World and Rev A) in Japan.
I don't doubt PCB images, but I would like to know more accurate sources.
omonim2007 » 2018-05-07 20:07:59

You can fully trust to sunbeam's dump information (he did all the dumps for MESS SMD project and for his personal site He shared dumps with me not so far long, so please no doubt ))

I'll rename the game DOM titles.