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Four New Protos
Closed (accepted) by: root.
Anonymous » 2014-11-02 09:56:18

In the following package, we have:
-Arrow Flash (Genesis)
-Gain Ground (Genesis)
-Rocket Knight Adventures - 6/15/93 build (Genesis)
-Super Battletank 2 (SNES)
andlabs » 2015-07-01 15:53:13


pietro@pietro-laptop:~/nointro$ diff -s JeckidysPrototypeCollection/ArrowFlash.A04C.bin mdroms/Arrow\ Flash\ \(USA\,\ Europe\).md
Files JeckidysPrototypeCollection/ArrowFlash.A04C.bin and mdroms/Arrow Flash (USA, Europe).md are identical

pietro@pietro-laptop:~/nointro$ diff -s JeckidysPrototypeCollection/GainGround.A760.bin mdroms/Gain\ Ground\ \(World\)\ \(Alt\ 1\).md
Files JeckidysPrototypeCollection/GainGround.A760.bin and mdroms/Gain Ground (World) (Alt 1).md are identical

pietro@pietro-laptop:~/nointro$ diff -s JeckidysPrototypeCollection/SuperBattletank2.DD12.sfc snesroms/Super\ Battletank\ 2\ \(USA\).sfc
Files JeckidysPrototypeCollection/SuperBattletank2.DD12.sfc and snesroms/Super Battletank 2 (USA).sfc are identical

This leaves just the Rocket Knight Adventures prototype, which does seem to not match any of the existing dumps. I'll continue looking into it.