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Time Trax prototype might actually be European?
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Closed (rejected) by: omonim2007.
andlabs » 2013-07-10 11:14:38

There's something strange going on here, in that the game's music is slower in PAL mode, and Tim Follin's original recording of the title screen from his website (available on YouTube) is running at the PAL speed. I'm not sure if the game was made by any UK staffers, but it seems odd. I think there were development materials in the UK as well, so :/ Figuring out where the staff worked might be the key here.
Al » 2013-09-03 16:05:01

Considering it was never released, i think it is better to just not put any country flag in the tile.
Using the country of development team can lead to quite illogical and debatable choices for ROM naming...