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JP Gauntlet has no IV, but this ROM does not boot on JP systems
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andlabs » 2013-03-05 07:26:55

I should have mentioned this when the discussion was open, but:
1) Gauntlet IV has region lockout and neither this ROM nor the remaining U/E ROM will boot on a Japanese system (oddly, the other/previous JP ROM has no region lockout)
2) despite this, if the in-header serial number ending with a 3 is enough to verify that this game is a Japanese release, the the name should be Gauntlet (Japan) (possibly Gauntlet (Japan) (September 1993) since the original release was 1993-09-17). As far as I know, the game was never called Gauntlet IV in Japan; box:
einstein95 » 2015-06-28 13:43:10

Done and dusted