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alternative Genesis ROMs and alternative VC ROMs
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rouken » 2012-09-03 16:02:58

I have some questions about alternative ROMs...

1. The Genesis game "The Revenge of Shinobi" have a lot of releases. You can find detailed informations here:
So, there's three questions: 1) Why No-Intro don't rename and include the versions in each of the four "The Revenge of Shinobi" ROMs names? 2) Why don't include the prototype ROM from Smash Pack in the list? 3) Why don't rip ROM from the Virtual Console game and include in the No-Intro list?

2. About original Sonic The Hedgehog... There's a version of the game in the GameCube's Sonic Mega Collection with the Spike Bug fixed, and there's a rip of the ROM, release as "Sonic The Hedgehog (W)(REVXB)". Why this ROM is not included?

3. There's a "early" proto ROM of Sonic The Hedgehog 2, as you can find here:
Another ROM not included in the No-Intro list?

4. Why don't rip others Virtual Console games, those that have changed, like the previously mentioned "The Revenge of Shinobi", or "Wave Race 64"...?
Anonymous » 2013-04-25 07:45:29

Those ROMs really should be included, I don't see a reason why the shouldn't.
Anonymous » 2013-04-25 07:48:00

andlabs » 2013-06-02 10:25:21

1) All except the Smash Pack prototype and the Virtual Console version are already included. REV01, REV02, and REV03 of the US/EU ROM correspond to the unlabeled, Rev A, and Rev B, respectively. Complicating matters is that I think there's more prototypes than just the Smash Pack version...

2) No comment; administration should decide that (though including it would be aligned with the NES and N64 sets)

3) That is the ROM included already. The so-called "Simon Wai" prototype (and the later drx releases) are not included.

4) I think the problem with Virtual Console is that not many people (if any) know how the ROMs are done for Virtual Console, but they are not stored pre-patched. Someone who knows better will need to confirm.
rouken » 2013-06-30 17:24:17

1. I think once there's a legitimate ROM, and this ROM is not listed in the No-Intro set, it's the case to analyse if the ROM must be added to the No-Intro set or not. Both Smash Pack prototype ROM and Virtual Console version can be found around the Internet. Both ROMs can be listed as non-physical format, once the Sega Smash Pack proto was found in a disc and not in a ROM chip, and the Virtual Console version was released in a Virtual Media format. If you want to know more about the Virtual Console version of The Revenge of Shinobi ROM, you can check it here:

2. As you said, there's NES and Nintendo 64 versions of some games was extracted from GameCube discs, and they are listed in their respective No-Intro sets as non-physical ROMs, marked as "GameCube version". The "REVXB" version of the first Sonic The Hedgehog game was extracted from the Sonic Mega Collection for GameCube, and this version is a different version from ROMs listed at the No-Intro set, like I said. And this ROM can be listed as a non-physical format too.

3. The first Sonic 2 proto dumped, known as "Simon Wai" prototype, is listed at the No-Intro set. This version I quoted, called "Nick Arcade" prototype, predates the "Simon Wai" prototype. For more information, you can go here:

4. Some games released for the Virtual Console service was edited to fit some purposes, like fix texts, remove expired copyright stuff, and other things. Wave Race 64 and The Revenge of Shinobi are examples of edited games because of expired copyright in some points of the game. Every Virtual Console ROM must be marked as a non-physical format, for obvious reasons.