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ByteSwapped checksum discrepancy
Category: ROM data
Reference: 1278
Closed (accepted) by: rarenight.
AmiSapphire » 2024-03-24 16:28:16

ByteSwapped file's hashes match the BigEndian file hashes in the ByteSwapped dat file. After using the ancient ByteSwap program I have in storage and then uCon-2.2.2, I have the following hashes:

Big Endian checksums
CRC32: ea5c7922
MD5: 944eced50e57d46779576f732cb27dc0
SHA1: a9f1cd8c6edb24e12c48a1a263dfd74bde283e23
SHA256: 5b5745ac2b677ebb04107ce09abd0fd7c206fc4600a11f6df7921e4de2ab940c

Byte-Swapped checksums
CRC32: 3686c624
MD5: 1e234e518c1b3bbb66f3646d252339d8
SHA1: be8212e23dc690f0d40e32c85f5271385bf7e3dd
SHA256: 098ff490421072800031a620ededff6a2e39ad01fcb1926b7d9d166d2601230a
C. V. Reynolds » 2024-03-25 12:49:42

I made the change. I hope I didn't mess it up. It looks right to me.

Thank you, AmiSapphire. :3
AmiSapphire » 2024-03-25 14:09:20

Confirmed fixed. Thanks!