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wrong md5 & sha1
Category: ROM data
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fbrd » 2011-01-27 12:15:25

Rom has crc 3787c93c as in dat file but md5 and sha1 are 28eaa16adcb92afba84f4e8284c65cbf and d3754a54ab51c85caedc639a1084814970574963
Crocomire » 2011-02-08 22:55:02

After a complete clrmame scan (crc32, md5, sha1) in my set, I got these results:

wrong md5: Meet the Robinsons (USA).gba
[wrong: 28eaa16adcb92afba84f4e8284c65cbf]
[right: cfbf47949426a8f44ecdc832d06d09a9]

wrong sha1: Meet the Robinsons (USA).gba
[wrong: d3754a54ab51c85caedc639a1084814970574963]
[right: 58ad2756f1985430e1ef605bdcba82564099a030]

it's confirmed? Bad rom or Dat error?
Crocomire » 2011-02-09 13:33:34

Sorry... confirmed bad rom, the dat is right.
kazumi213 » 2011-02-10 08:19:30

The scene dumps for this and a few other games were tampered so the CRC-32 of scene (modified) dump matched the CRC-32 of the clean dump. Of course MD5 and SHA1 didn't match the same way. That's why a CRC-32-based scan is not enough to be 100% sure your collection hashes match the ones in our DAT. You have to check for MD5/SHA1/both too, at least from time to time.