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MrX_Cuci » 2010-12-10 05:24:01

Shouldn't this rom be in here? GBADev 2004Mbit Competition (U) It was released in cart form:
kazumi213 » 2010-12-17 05:15:11

It contains homebrew.

"GBADEV.ORG has hosted a few GBA development competitions before, but this years competition is a bit different. Instead of just releasing the games (this is a game only competition) on our website, we will manufacture 500 real GBA cartridges with the best games. We expect about 7-12 games to fit on the cartridge. The maximum size for a game is 4Mbit (512Kbyte). This had to be done to fit enough games on the cartridge to make it appeal to the public.

We will also manufacture labels for the cartridges, full color boxes and manuals, just like real GBA games available in stores! Once everything is ready we will set up a webshop on this website where you can purchase a copy. How much will the game cost you ask? 100$usd? 50$usd? 30$usd? 20$usd? No! We expect the final price to be roughly 14$usd, and that includes shipping too! Please keep in mind that neither GBADEV.ORG or any of the developers behind the winning games will make ANY money from this competition. We sell the games to break even."