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Nintendo GBA set - incorrect SHA1 for Action Replay GBX (Germany) (Unl)
Closed (accepted) by: xuom2.
EggmanPEI » 2022-08-13 01:01:39

Incorrect SHA1 entered for this rom (some portion of the full SHA256 was used instead of its SHA1.. clearly the datter cut/paste incorrectly)

Action Replay GBX (Germany) (Unl)

SHA1 = c7a76d5ff800a826116c3c66c437f72040fc8845
SHA256 = 98d55f4910f3e23cf01df4bf9e0566cf8e8d4f91d9edb25c560ff2bbc9ac5b99

CRC and MD5 are correct in DoM and should remain as-is
Lesserkuma » 2022-08-13 01:45:43

It’s fixed