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Title order
Category: Naming
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FlyingWolFox » 2020-01-24 15:35:24

The title in the database is Shifting Gears - Road Trip, but when googling about the game, the name is always "inverted" (Road Trip: Shifting Gears in GameFAQs for example) and in the header the game name is ROADTRIPSHIF

Why the title is like this?

(Sorry if I comited any mistake and bad english, first time here)

FitzRoyX » 2020-02-21 10:08:02

It's because on the packaging, that's the order in which it appears. Sometimes artists made dumb design decisions like this, putting subtitles above main titles and confusing datters. I agree that it should be "Road Trip: Shifting Gears". Especially when you look at the GameCube packaging of "Road Trip: The Arcade Edition".