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"Shima", "Jima" and "Tou"
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kazumi213 » 2009-06-26 15:00:16

1148 - Doubutsu Shima no Chobigurumi (Japan)
1585 - Doubutsu Shima no Chobigurumi 2 - Tama-chan Monogatari (Japan)
"Chobigurumi" <-- Ok. I have downloaded the video and listened to it in loop mode and I'm still unsure whether it says "Shima" or "Jima" (the inmediate previous -tsu can be masking it). Currently "Jima" doesn't seem to be a valid reading for "島" in modern japanese. It is either "Shima" or suffix "-tou" (when used after placenames). I'm not saying that it can't be "Jima". It's just that I'm not sure, so I will keep using current reading. I'll open a discussion about "島" romanization.
hkA » 2009-06-26 15:01:11

The original of "どうぶつ島のチョビぐるみ" is girls' comics of Japan.
This URL is official of the original writer.
The pronunciation is "Jima ".

>>It is either "Shima" or suffix "-tou"
There is no such fact.
(May be, the one edited as foreign traveler understands easily?)

A lot of displayed of "Jima" are used in present Japan.
石垣島(Ishigaki Jima),与那国島(Yonaguni Jima),more etc,,,
It is similar in coinage and trademark/commodity.

Moreover, when an overseas island is displayed, the pronunciation of "Tou" is basically used.
The display of the island in Japan might be used by the exception.
(無人島(Mujintou) [one word], 硫黄島(This is more special circumstances) etc,,)

"Tou" Example:
ハワイ島(Hawaii Tou)"The Island of Hawaii",マウイ島(Maui Tou)"The Island of Maui",オアフ島(Oahu Tou)"Oahu Island"
kazumi213 » 2009-06-26 15:01:50

I'm not saying that "traditional" japanese placenames using "jima" are to be changed to use "shima". Of course "jima" will keep being used for cultutal reasons where required. What I mean is that "島" shouldn't be romanized as "jima" by default in modern japanese. According to my japanese dictionary of reference (, "jima" doesn't appear in any valid reading of "島":

島 【とう】 (suf) island (in placenames) [Ex][G][GI][S][A][W] [JW]
ナポレオンはセントヘレナ島へ流された。 Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena.[Amend]
Listen to a Lesson about 島
島(P); 嶋 【しま】 (n) (1) island; (2) (uk) territory (of a prostitute, organized crime gang, etc.); turf; (P) [Ex][G][GI][S][A][W] [JW]

(1) その王は島を治めた。 The king reigned over the island.[Amend]
Listen to a Lesson about 秋津島
秋津島 【あきつしま】 (n) (ancient) Japan [G][GI][S][A][W]
Listen to a Lesson about 淡路島
淡路島 【あわじしま】 (n) Awaji Island (Hyogo) [G][GI][S][A][W]
Listen to a Lesson about アングィラ島
アングィラ島 【アングィラとう】 (n) Anguilla (island) [G][GI][S][A]
Listen to a Lesson about イースター島
イースター島 【イースターとう】 (n) Easter Island [G][GI][S][A][W]
Listen to a Lesson about イギリス諸島
イギリス諸島 【イギリスしょとう】 (n) British Isles [G][GI][S][A][W]
Listen to a Lesson about 浮き島
浮き島 【うきしま】 (n) floating mass of waterweeds; floating island [G][GI][S][A][W]
Listen to a Lesson about 遠島
遠島 【えんとう】 (n) remote island; punishment by exile to a remote island [G][GI][S][A][W] [JW]
Listen to a Lesson about 鬼ヶ島
鬼ヶ島; 鬼ケ島; 鬼が島 【おにがしま】 (n) mythological island of demons [G][GI][S][A][W] [G][GI][S][A] [G][GI][S][A][W]

However, I accept your evidence on "Jima" usage for those titles.

But you can understand the problem: how can I tell when "shima", "jima" or "-tou" is to be used when romanizing a title which?

I think that a good idea is using "shima"/"-tou" as default unless it is found that "jima" is the correct one.

Could you check current japanese GBA titles containing "shima", "jima" or "tou" and post your change suggestions? There should be less than 10.
hkA » 2009-06-26 15:02:54

Because "-jima" is "連濁", it doesn't read as one word.
This dictionary explains "島"(one word).
Therefore, it seems that it doesn't explain when "連濁" is used.
Moreover, using it when an overseas island is read in Japanese is most in "Tou".
(There is an exception. )
I think that it is appropriate to give priority and to use "連濁" when pronunciation/spelling is uncertain.
(But, "連濁" is not necessarily used. )
These are the ideas for the compound word including "島".

The judgment when "島" is used by the standard is left to you.

Some titles have changed.
The judgment "shima" or "-shima" and "jima" or "-jima" and "tou" or "-tou" which to be used is left to you.

tou used:
1308 - Gegege no Kitarou - Kikiippatsu! Youkai Rettou (Japan)
->"列島(Rettou)" is one word.

shima used:
1576 - Legendz - Yomigaeru Shiren no Shima (Japan)

1600 - Famicom Mini Vol. 26 - Famicom Mukashibanashi - Shin Onigashima - Zen-Kouhen (Japan)
->"昔話(Mukashibanashi)" is 連濁.
One word of "Onigashima" is preferable.

jima used:
0722 - From TV Animation One Piece - Nanatsu-jima no Daihihou (Japan)
->It writes in Boxart on the back.

1148 - Doubutsu-jima no Chobigurumi (Japan)

1333 - Minna no Soft Series - Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima - Don Gabacho Daikatsuyaku no Maki (Japan)
->It cannot judge whether the spelling of "Gabacho" is correct because the reference is few.
"Don Gabacho" is a country(イギリカ) coming from of fictitious that makes United Kingdom and the United States a motif.
"'イギ'リス(Igirisu ,Inglez)" + "アメ'リカ'"(America) = "イギリカ"
Therefore, there might be a special spelling.

1477 - Famicom Mini Vol. 17 - Takahashi Meijin no Bouken-jima (Japan)
1585 - Doubutsu-jima no Chobigurumi 2 - Tama-chan Monogatari (Japan)
1999 - Mahou Sensei Negima! - Private Lesson Damedesuu Toshokan-jima (Japan)
2268 - Ochaken no Bouken-jima - Honwaka Yume no Island (Japan)
2306 - Hudson Best Collection Vol. 6 - Bouken-jima Collection (Japan)

Bouken! Dondoko Shima (Japan)
->Bouken! Dondoko-tou (Japan)

Survival Kids 2 - Dasshutsu!! Futago Shima! (Japan)
->Survival Kids 2 - Dasshutsu!! Futago-jima! (Japan)
kazumi213 » 2009-06-26 15:36:24

Arigatou gozaimasu hkA-san!