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Front label Japanese Text translation to English
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Closed (accepted) by: Hiccup.
SysopGrace » 2017-07-27 11:07:46

The front label is written in Japanese, it says "Kōsaku Sōru-ruoku toraitsuji" which is about "work soul power train" or "processing force power train"

obviously those are not correct at all but that is the literal translation of the title. my guess is that the label is a "name" or a "proper noun" so if will not translate properly without someone better versed in Japanese
friendsxix » 2017-08-16 11:16:11

I'm not sure where you got that translation from, but assuming we're seeing the same image, it literally translates to 'Aging Cartridge'. (エージングカートリッジ, or Eijingu Kaatorijji. They're English loan words.)