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Doom & Intro
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Quickgold » 2004-08-10 17:25:48

I apply the two patches to Doom II (D854286E -> 1A0BCD3B and 1A0BCD3B -> C885D9E9) and the intro go to hell (all works fine), but when I use coolhj's GBA Tool Advance with Doom II the tool still shows intro?....why?
I understand the theory a little to remove a Intro, the only thing that I don't know is the way to code a patch for myself (which programming language).
Romcenter puts green with crc32 C885D9E9, is this crc32 the right one?
Connie » 2004-08-12 12:30:35

Hi Quickgold.
CRC C885D9E9h is correct for "Doom II (U)". As long as you use the latest No-Intro DAT and use the IPS patches to fix 'hacked' games, then the ROMs should be fine.
In answer to the "Intro" still showing in the GBA Tool, it is because the "Start Offset" is 080000C8h which gives the message "Intro ?". For a message of "Normal", there needs to be the default offset of 080000C0h. You will find many games with varying start offsets that give the impression of an Intro. The latest Famicom Mini releases are a good example of this.
Hope this helps you out,