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fake or not?
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Connie » 2004-08-29 23:33:59

Hi all.
Hard to tell if it's v1.1 or a fake. If you check out iNDECLINE info:
Their supplied SAV file does work but also with v1.0 if you rename it accordingly. Apart from spending hours of time playing the games, the only difference so far (apart from CRC) is the Complement of 67h.
I think P.H. are waiting on someones decisive answer as they've renamed around #1631 as bigfred mentioned.
Dumper » 2004-08-30 00:10:43

They differs a lot if you compare the files binary with Ultraedit
4384594 Bytes diff, 4004014 Bytes match of 8388608 bytes total
Mostly of the match is at the end of the roms: 00\'s
So the new dump is a toally different version as far as i could tell
bigfred » 2004-08-30 11:52:34

From Gbatemp:

"Oops. my guess is right, e-reader fix (EUR didnt get e-reader)."
"Regarding the US version that so many people had trouble with - did we ever get that rom to work sucessfully with a .sav that contained all of the e-card levels at an empty status?
I guess I'm asking if there is a .sav with all the e-levels unplayed that works with the US rom an on ezfa card... sorry I ramble..."