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bigfred » 2004-04-24 04:04:00

I checked once again the Advanscene and GARP-dats. They both have a different crc
for this one. BootCableUSB said, the original release contained a bug which didn't let you register a player. He posted a patch to fix this and we took the new crc. But this appears to be just a hack!? Advanscene lists this one as cracked. Coolhj mentioned that the same assumed "bug" also appears in PPKP5. Maybe it is just normal in the original games? Should we take the old crc again and move the one we have in the dat to the cracked dat?
coolhj » 2004-04-24 13:28:05

I agree to change back the crc of ppkp6, it just like NHL Hitz 20-03 (U), which also contain a bug that makes the game goes into an endless loop.