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Upper? (and redump)
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alcoatjez » 2009-03-07 01:12:15

I just bought this game for a friend of mine who is a huge Street Fighter fan. It's for his birthday tomorrow, so I decided to dump it before giving it to him. It was verified, I'll post dump infos and hopefully have time to scan it.
The box, cart and title screen all say 'Street Fighter Alpha 3', so anyone knows why 'Upper' is added? I know there's an up arrow on the title screen, but that's all.
kazumi213 » 2009-03-07 01:42:22

Thanks for the redump alco.

I will recheck, but both EUR and USA boxart only display "Street Fighter Alpha 3", no "Upper", so it should be removed. Sadly GBA titles still suffer some mix of boxart and titlescreen-based ones.

"Upper" is how the up arrow in the titlescreen has to be "read" according to the japanese boxart.