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Category: ROM data
Reference: 3366
Closed (accepted) by: root.
ATMB » 2004-02-17 00:52:00

Famicom Mini Vol 2 Donkey Kong (J)
Size: 1.048.576 bytes
CRC32: D84A216B
Intro: NO :lol:
This time size should be correct ;)
Bent » 2004-02-17 00:53:48

8mbit, perfect :)
ATMB » 2004-02-17 01:23:59

;) I didn't still read the Nfo ;D
coolhj » 2004-02-17 05:29:11

There is a bull-shit ****-up string (SHiBUYA!)at the end of the rom,which make you can not trim this rom.Remove it to get the *clean* rom I think, WHY? Check the .nfo (O.P. / SHiBUYA BOMB SQUAD :....supplier) ,Do you see something.
And then you can trim the rom down to its real size(150960bytes)(about 1.25mbit).
Don't say that we lame,if YOU really add something to make the rom sucks!
Bent » 2004-02-17 06:11:17

I hadn't looked at it yet, but you're right, that's a pretty obvious modification by the dumper or release group. Size is still correct, but the correct crc32 should be 071C3F2B.